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Henné Color Coloring Powder which uses 3 plants with different dyeing properties: natural henna, neutral henna and black henna, to which other plants are added according to the desired hues: chamomile leaves, rhapontic, rosemary leaves.


Made in France


  • Our Henna Powder Henna Colorings are gentle vegetable henna colorations. Henna is well known for its virtues on the hair and scalp. Henna has a strengthening, antiseptic, anti-seborrheic action. It brings softness, suppleness, radiance and volume to the hair.
  • Of Indian or Egyptian origin, our henna is carefully selected and controlled, without heavy metals, without p-Phenylenediamine (PPD), which causes serious allergies in certain henna tattoos. For your safety, we have microbiological tests performed by specialized and independent laboratories. Our henna is worked to allow an easier application and an optimized coloring result.
  • Our Henné Henné Color powder colors are semi-permanent direct colors that do not alter the structure of the hair.
  • Our Henna Color Henna Powder colorings are suitable for all types of natural or colored hair.
  • They allow the first white hairs to be blurred.

Beauty result:

  • Henné Henné Color powder colors enrich your hair with shimmering reflections and respect the hair fiber.
  • Henna is a real vegetable conditioner, it brings volume, suppleness and radiance to your hair. It facilitates styling.

Advice from the hairdresser:

  • The regular use of Henné Powder Henné Colorings intensifies the reflections of your hair for a very natural result.
  • The use of the gentle, silicone-free neutral henna maintenance shampoo with organic henna Color improves the hold and hold of your color.
  • Adding a small amount of Henna Color Henna Conditioner Balm to the preparation of your henna paste brings extra suppleness and softness to your hair.

Choice of shades:

  • Henné Powder Henné Color colors are available in 7 colors, from black to golden blonde, a palette of colors that allows you to obtain personalized results according to the natural color of your hair and your desires. These oxidant-free stains do not lighten the hair.
  • Refer to the color chart and the table below to choose your color.


  • Henna and dye plants selected by us. Without oxidant, without ammonia, without p-Phenylenediamine (PPD), without perfume, for the respect of the scalp and the hair fiber.

Presentation :

  • Case containing a sachet of 100 g of powder and 1 user manual (can be kept dry once opened).

Manual :


  • You need a sachet of Henné Henné Color powder coloring, a container and a spoon, a comb, a pair of gloves, a plastic cap and a towel.
  • Pour the powder sachet into your container. Add hot water, a dab of Henna Color Henna Conditioner Balm for optimal results and mix until a smooth paste is obtained. Let cool.


  • Wash your hair with Henné Color Organic Henna Neutral Maintenance Shampoo , whose formula is soft and silicone-free, then wring it out. Put on gloves and place a towel over your shoulders. Apply the paste on the roots wick by wick, then on all the hair to the tips. Wrap your hair with a hat.

Break time

  • Leave on for 40 minutes to 2 hours depending on the intensity of the desired color. The longer the pause time, the more pronounced the reflections.


  • Emulsify with lukewarm water and rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of dough.
  • For greater softness and suppleness of the hair, you can apply a dab of Henna Color Henna Conditioner Balm and make a final rinse with fresh water.

Precautions for use:

  • Our Henné Henné Color powder colors are suitable for all hair types. They are reserved for the hair and are not suitable for dyeing eyelashes or for eyebrows.
  • They are used for external use.
  • Depending on your sensitivity, certain ingredients can cause an allergic reaction. Do a sensitivity test 48 hours before use.
  • It is better to do a color test on a wick before proceeding to a complete application, because the powder reacts differently depending on your initial shade, the texture of your hair and the chemical treatments you have undergone.
  • It is possible to apply our Henné Henné Color powder coloring after bleaching, perming or straightening. However, we recommend that you wait a minimum of 4/6 weeks before using it and reduce the break time during the first application.
  • The coloring takes faster on a light hair, after evaluating the result on your test wick, reduce the pause time if necessary.
  • You can clean the traces left by the coloring on your skin, by rubbing with soap or lemon juice on a cotton pad.
  • Use on a healthy scalp (not irritated, not injured). Keep out of the reach of children.
  • The color of the powder is not significant of the result on your hair.
  • It is advisable to use the black color only on black or dark brown hair (the final color will be optimal only after 48 hours).


Lawsonia Inermis (Henna) Leaf Extract, Sodium Picramate.