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  • Safe Control Deodorant Spray

    A masculine deodorant spray without aluminium salts for a daily feeling of freshness and well-being. Formulated without aluminium salts, this deodorant spray protects and respects the skin. A natural active principal, anti-bacteria and purifying, prevents body odour without blocking the natural perspiration process.

  • Aurys Ghassoul Shampoo

    For fine and fragile hair – Sensitive scalp. Gives volume to fine hair. Ghassoul is a soapy clay with absorbing and foaming properties, used by Moroccan women to clean, revitalize and make their hair shiny. It naturally regulates excess sebum. Available in a 250 ml bottle or a 500 ml bottle

  • Gueule d'Ange Protective Moisturising Care

    A protective care that soothes and moisturises the epidermis. Gueule d'Ange treatment care soothes and moisturises the epidermis thanks to the combination of spicy cocoa, which is a powerful energising and protective active ingredient, and organic aloe vera, which is recognised for its anti-inflammatory and moisturising qualities.

  • Pare Feur After Shave Balm

    A fresh and light after-shave balm to calm razor burn and repair the skin. Pare-feu after-shave balm calms razor burn, softens and regenerates the epidermis thanks to its light, fresh formula enriched with anti-inflammatory, healing active ingredients (spicy cocoa and organic masterwort flower).

  • Sanotint REFLEX 51 Black

    Delicate highlights for the hair with golden millet extracts. 51 Black