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Pack stimulate vials + shampoo





Energizing shampoo for thin hair or subject to falling. Stimulating effect of the scalp, densifying action. Add body and volume.

The hair is thicker.


Apply a small amount of product on wet hair and lather. Rinse.

If necessary, repeat the operation one more time.

The recommended use with AMETHYSTE intensive hair loss control lotion is recommended.

250 ml

Intensive lotion of these vials contains an advanced program for sensitized hair, with tendency to fall. Based on Planoxil RG and Keratin, has a stimulating action on the scalp. The hair regains body and volume and is visibly thicker.

Planoxil RG: Agent promoting hair growth, having the property of accelerating the passage of the anagen phase to the telogen phase. Increases the depth and size of hair follicles.

Keratin: Highly effective conditioning agent thanks to a high level of Cystine, with a good film-forming power. Brings body and shine long duration.


Wash your hair with Amethyste Stimulate shampoo.

Using the applicator, open the vial and apply the contents directly to the scalp, section by section. Massage. DO NOT RINSE.

Apply 1-2 vials a week in prevention of hair loss, 2-3 ampoules a week as maintenance and 3-4 ampoules a week as an intensive program.

After 8-11 weeks of intensive program, use as maintenance.

12 ampoules x 8ml

Professional products.