Cleansing Shower Cream Etendre

Cleansing Shower Cream



The Ghassoul Cleansing Shower Cream, owes its softness to the sun gorged Ghassoul of Morocco

It cleanses the skin gently and renders it silky to the touch.

Its silky foam is easy to rinse, and releases a sweet scent of orange blossoms.


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The beauty secretof Moroccan women.

Ghassoul is a foaming clay that has absorbing properties. It is used for centuries in Morocco to wash and revitalize skin and hair.

Unlike conventional soaps and shampoos, Ghassoul contains no surfactants. It acts only by absorption and therefore does not attack the hair, nor irritate the skin or the mucous membranes. He’s pH is neutral.



Pour a dab on a washcloth of Ghassoul Shower Cream and lather on the body.

To enjoy the benefits of Ghassoul, leave a few minutes before rinsing